14k Gold Open Link 3.3mm Necklace

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14k Gold Open Link 3.3mm Necklace


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A Beautiful and elegant 14k Yellow Open Link 3.3mm Necklace. This piece boasts a thin thickness of 3.3  mm and sizes from  18, 20, 22. 24, 26, and 28 inches, creating a refined and sophisticated look. The 14k Yellow Open Link 4.8mm Necklace signifies a purity level of 58.3%, making it a durable and precious metal choice. Its warm and radiant hue adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble, complementing various skin tones and styles.

This gold jewelry piece features a Spring Lobster clasp, ensuring secure and hassle-free wearing. The Spring Ring clasp provides a reliable closure, giving you peace of mind knowing that your jewelry is secured. What sets this piece apart is the unique selling approach of Beauabee.com. This site offers gold jewelry sold by weight, allowing you to appreciate your purchase’s value and investment potential. By focusing on gram weight, Beauabee.com ensures transparency and authenticity, providing customers with a genuine gold buying experience.

Explore the exclusive collection at Beauabee.com and discover the joy of acquiring gold jewelry in its purest form—by weight.

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16 Inches, 18 Inches, 20 Inches, 22 Inches, 24 Inches, 28 Inches, 26 Inches, 30 Inches

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